"Just wanted you to know I received my order today. They are beautiful and I feel like I really hit a jackpot!  Thank you so much!"
Susie K, Niobrara, NE  April 14, 2015

"I loved all of my items! The driftwood heart was bigger than expected which was a nice surprise...and double sided.  Love it. Milk glass vases are adorable.  Just everything, super pleased.   I really didn't have the extra cash to order all that but I did.  It was worth it. Professional packing - was a nice experience opening it all up.  :) Thank you, Jennie". -June 26, 2013

"My jars arrived yesterday & they are perfect!  Thank you so much.  I will be a repeat customer for sure!!!
Stacey" - June 11, 2013

"Love the painting. Looking for more of them. Decorating my cottage... Stefanie, Augusta, GA" - June 10, 2013

"Just want to thank you for the fast service and happy bride to be.... Kristi loved the bling peacock picture frame and it was a surprise arrival yesterday.  Thank you so much !  Susan" - June 9, 2013

"What amazing service! I can't believe I placed the order yesterday and received it today. Thank you!, Marilyn St Joseph, MO" - May 21, 2013

"The necklace arrived....and OMG!!!!  Why didn't I order it sooner?  It's too Fabulous!!
It's just like everything I've ever ordered from you!!!  Thank you for providing me with great stuff.
Your customer, Candy, Vancouver" - May19, 2013

"I had a large box delivered TO-DAY.  Stunned it was the Mason Ball jars already.  Thank you very much no breakages.  Paul and I thought we had ordered 4 jars.  So Paul produces 3 jars and then he said "but there is more" this kept on till 8 jars were produced.  Paul purchased these for me for my birthday in April.  Now Paul is going to build me a special shelf just for the jars. Thank you Debbie.  Wonderful service and a wonderful site. Kind regards Margaret." - March 18, 2013