FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! Complete your order, check out normally with your address and country entered and our system should calculate charges accordingly. If we see you have been charged much more for shipping than is necessary, we will refund the difference. (Yes, we really do that!) Sometimes the website cannot calculate international shipping exactly until we weigh the package and know your street address.


Can I pick items up locally?

Yes, you can pick up your items in Overland Park. You will still have to check out normally then we will refund your shipping cost once picked up. Add a note to your order..


The shipping cost seems high, can you explain?

Occasionally the shopping cart calculates shipping based on a total price of the order and not on weight. We do all we can to watch for these hiccups and when you are overcharged for shipping, we will reimburse the difference. Please email us when in question.


Why do you have a SOLD page?

I have a Sold Out page occasionally because I post many of my items on Facebook and Pinterest and they may stay in cyberspace for awhile. If someone clicks on the product I want customers to know it has been sold instead of nothing appearing on the screen. I also want customers to see what they may have missed! If they do not sign up for emails they will miss knowing when the good stuff has arrived.


Something I want is SOLD OUT, can you get more?

If it is a vintage item, it is not likely I will find one exactly like it again. If it is a reproduction, I never order massive quantities of anything because I like to keep the website fresh and the merchandise always moving. However, send me an email and I can let you know if a particular item is being reordered. I also welcome requests for certain objects or collections.


Things are sold fast, how can I see them first?

Check the HOME page or the JUST IN page of the website often. I send an email out once a week (sometimes twice) that let customers know I have just added new products. Occasionally I will add a Facebook or Blog post before an email.


How can I know when you get new vintage items in?

Sign up here for our newsletter.


Do you wholesale?

No sorry, I do not. I do not have enough inventory to offer wholesale pricing.


Do you discount?

Generally, no. I sometimes have a Sale page of discounted items (usually just one or two left). I offer site wide sales once or twice a year too. I work hard to find unique, affordable items and price them as low as I can.


Why did you stop writing on your blog? I miss it!

I haven't stopped the blog, I just seem to do Facebook more because it is so much easier. Back when I had my store it seemed to allow me more topics to blog about too. I'll try to get back to it!


Will you ever open another store?

I have,  but in a different outlet. Ten years was enough time for me to get my experience in brick & mortar retail. I do love selling online because I can still hunt for items, shoot pictures, do graphics and work on the computer. I am currently selling inside a new store in the West Bottoms of Kansas City that is open only once a month with multiple dealers. Read more here: TOP HAT MERCANTILE


I'm a retailer, can I ask for your source on an item?

I take pride in finding unique items for you. Going to market (whether for antiques or new merchandise) is a lot of hard work and expense. I will always have a soft spot for small business owners, therefore, with proof of your brick & mortar business, I will sell my sources for $50 an item.


Do you do interior design work? Can I hire you?

Yes, please do! I am always willing to hear about any design project whether residential or commercial. (See my Style For Hire page.) I have tried to simplify the process for the average homeowner: I come to your home for three hours and give advice, you do the work! I am also available for larger scale jobs: styling, art directing, magazine editorials, writing, scouting, product design, business branding, e-commerce or retail consulting.


How is Pearl?

My precious baby passed away in my arms on March 17, 2015. She was the love of my life and had the biggest part of my heart. A random vet visit on March 11 ended with x-rays and a diagnosis of a tumor on her heart. She had a heart attack 6 days later sitting on the sofa while I was on the computer next to her. A few minutes later, she died in my arms as I was driving her to the emergency room. She was just one month shy of her 13th birthday. My world ended that day as I have never felt such pain and sadness. It all happened so quickly.

Pearl was famous around town because she literally went with me everywhere and was raised in my shop. I found her a year after opening my first store so she had been in and around retail all her life. Customers often saw me shopping at flea markets with her in a pet stroller. She has also been published in many national magazines but all that press never went to her head. I miss her every moment of every day.